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Be sure to stop by our booth to get a firsthand look at our new, patent-pending UV light sanitization technology - UVend Technology or check out how you can diversify your business with our new Delivery Lockers powered by USI and 365 Retail Markets.

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New Product Zone

Stop by the New Product Zone to see the new Evoke Market in action! In the meantime, see how easy the Evoke Market is to use, below!

Enter Payment

In order to access a product, customers must first enter their payment, whether it be cash, coins, credit card or other cashless payments. 

Unlock Door

Once a purchase has been made, the door to the Evoke Market automatically unlocks. From here, the customer can grab the product that was purchased.

Scan Item

Once the product has been purchased and the Evoke Market door is closed, the customer scans the barcode on the product and their transaction is complete.

Win new business with UVend Technology!  This groundbreaking UVC light sanitization solution kills or inactivates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on the machine's high-touch surfaces.  Learn more.

Evoke Market

The Evoke Market is an innovative, hybrid solution that combines a level of security similar to traditional vending, along with the flexibility and product access of a retail micro-market.  With the Evoke Market being driven by the Evoke Snack host machine, this total solution is ideal for offering snacks, cold drinks, and refrigerated food in a single solution.  Learn more.

Delivery Lockers

Provide streamlined contactless food delivery and pick-up stations with Delivery Lockers powered by U-Select-It and 365 Retail Markets. Our innovative food locker technology provides an easy and secure option to pick up orders, at the customers preferred time.  Learn more.